Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review of Austin 2010 Halloween Shows

Gary Bombardier (do we think that's his real name?) wrote what is arguably the longest review of a concert in concert reviewing history. If you missed the shows this past Halloween in Austin, you can spend the next several hours reading about it here on HellBomb.

Not Goofy's Concern

In an amazing revelation to me, Paul Leary recorded Goofy's Concern, and, according to a post on the BHS forum here, played all the parts by himself. Paul said, "I think I did that at Westlake studio in Beverly Hills while waiting for Chris Shaw to mix a Meat Puppets album." Different lyrics. Totally rockin' version.

Jim Jarmusch

"Stranger Than Average Guys"
By Grant Alden huH Magazine,
June 1996

Conversation about guns, cars, music and bowling ball sized molecules.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello Williamsburg

It has been announced. The Butthole Surfers will play in Williamsburg Dec 30 & 31. Personally I will be a vegetable by the time Jan 2 comes around because I also have tickets to Gogol Bordello and Man Man on Jan 1. I need a nap, starting now.

Thanks for the alert to Brooklyn Vegan, and for linking to my post about my Austin adventure.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

$676 Butthole Surfers T-Shirt

Someone with the screen name k***u on eBay paid $676 t0 buy a Butthole Surfers t-shirt from Lollapallooza. Bidding started at $0.99! The seller must be running around town to find more shirts like this. What a windfall.