Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Warsaw, Brooklyn, Dec 12, 2008

Videos posted.

Rush Limbaugh Mystery

Once, purportedly in 1991 Rush Limbaugh said that he banned Gibby Haynes from his show. However, the video on youtube that showed this is no longer available. If anybody has it, I would love to post it.

Here are two posts about the incident:
Radio Exile
Political Base

Gibby Says Something at ATP, Dec 2008

Not sure what he is saying, I need a translator and for the audience to shut up.

Watch more YouTube videos on AOL Video

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dumb Things List

Read here to see the section on the Butthole Surfers in the Book "Rock Stars Do the Dumbest Things", which is a nice compendia of interesting factoids. I will trust that the fact checkers made sure these are true, but you never know. Urban myths are often more interesting than facts anyways.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Short Interview Before Touring with School of Rock

Funny and not sounding annoyed for once, Gibby gave a good interview and revealed that he didn't clean up his act in front of all those kids' parents, just in case you were worried that those kids corrupted his morals.

And he takes off his pants

They look so young, this is the the earliest video of the Butthole Surfers I've seen (no I haven't watched too many it's true, but when I come across one, I look at it), but there is no date or place noted with it. Enjoy the youth.

John Frusciante

The notes on this video say that it was directed by Johnny Depp and Gibby Haynes, and filmed in John Frusciante's crack den. True or not, it is kind of mesmorizing.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Photos from Philadelphia

Possibly the best set of photos of the Buttholes I've seen. Great work Arnold Bower.

NYC Taper Recorded the Warsaw Show

Happily, a very prolific taper recorded the Butthole's show from the Warsaw last week. Click here to read his review and listen.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gibby and Kid Rock

So I just read that Kid Rock co-wrote Shame of Life, which explains everything.

Interview with Gibby 10/24/08

Not sure who the interviewer is, supposedly it's MC Trachiotomy (whoever he is, but it isn't totally clear). Gibby isn't in a great mood and it's kind of funny how disinterested in the whole thing he seems to be.

The Warsaw Last Night Rocked

What a great show last night, and indeed Gibby changed his shirt, thank you.
We were waiting since July to see the Butthole Surfers return to New York. They've been touring around, playing in other less deserving cities, and finally they came to Brooklyn last night to make up for the awful show in July at Webster Hall.

It was worth the wait. They were really ON last night, the energy was at 100% and the band played wonderfully. As Slim said, "What a great world we live in where you can eat pyrogy and watch the Butthole Surfers at the same time." They ROCKED.

Last time we went to Greenpoint we were lost for two hours, finally having to take a cab to our final destination. This anxiety led to us arriving at The Warsaw around 7:30. We were the second people to show up. The first was a lone guy who told us they weren't open. But immediately after we showed up, the giant, bald bouncers showed mercy on us and let us in so that we could start drinking and warming up. This lasted only about 40 minutes, when we were told to drink up and go back outside to get on line. We were certain our seats at the bar would be gone by the time we got through the line that was now snaking around the block, but it was for naught, our seats were still there, and a good thing too because the 8:00 show really meant 10:30. Which really meant after 11:00.

Many drinks, and a plate of pyrogy later, the first "band" went on. It was an awful display of some guy who looked like Crispin Glover reading from his notebook while music blared from the wall of amps behind him. It was unmercifully long. We didn't know there were 2 opening acts so when the 2nd act came on, and the screens lit up we thought it was the main event and so rushed into the main hall. But it was Black Dice playing their psychedelic electronica. I can't tell you if it was any good, because we lost our seats at the bar and had to sit in the noisy middle room.

As luck would have it, sitting in the middle room turned out to be one of the highlights, because it was right next to the back door, where Gibby was coming and going. He shook my hand and looked delighted that someone recognized him. Or, the jetlag from just returning from their Europe made him delirious. Either way, it was fun to touch his warm, soft hand, but I couldn't get my camera out in time to honor the event.

Being a girl who loves hard rock has one main advantage - there is never a long line for the bathrooms. This led to a second advantage last night while I was waiting for Slim to emerge from his long line. I noticed that the "VIP" section in the balcony had no actual guard. Upstairs we found SEATS, a blessing in a general admission nightclub type of place. I was dreading standing up for several hours, and this was the answer to my dream.

Not only were there seats, there were EMPTY seats, but not two together. We asked three people if they would move down one seat so we could sit together. Two of the three were perfectly amiable with the suggestion. The third, a sullen Asian woman with her coat in her lap the entire night, absolutely refused to move. It was odd and under normal circumstances that would have led to an all night elbow fest, but I was in too good a mood and that bitch wasn't going to ruin it for me. She could wait until after the show to feel my wrath.

After about 10 minutes the guy sitting next to me decided to follow his girlfriend, with whom he was having a fight, downstairs, opening up a seat next to me. Disaster averted, we had unobstructed views in the front row of the tiny balcony. The only thing missing was the vibe, as up there it was kind of calm. Down in front it looked much more vibey. Didn't matter, the sound was great, the band played really well and the videos were as gruesome as ever.

Next stop... New Year's Eve at the Fillmore in San Francisco? I'm checking flights now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Get Gibby a New Shirt

Some chick in England posted photos on her Flickr site of the the festival this past weekend in Butkins or whatever that place is called. The Buttholes look as they've been looking recently, nothing new or exciting seems to have happened.

I am going to send out mental messages to Gibby to please wear a new shirt tomorrow night, I'm tired of looking at this one already. Unless he has fifty identical shirts in his drawer, it's kind of gross. Please?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Minehead Review

Last weekend the Butthole Surfers played at the Nightmare Before Christmas festival in Butlins Minehead England, along with a bunch of bands that, all together, would have been a whole lot of fun to see. The Guardian has a short review that made me feel all the more remorseful for not being able to go to such an awesome sounding festival. The Times also has a review that really described the great time that I didn't have.

I did look at the options for going to this weekend of rock and roll, but honestly, it was so very British that I couldn't understand how it all worked. There were several different kinds of hotel rooms and it seemed as though you had to buy the whole package in order to get tickets. Also, it seemed like this thing is at a resort at the beach, but again, I couldn't quite dig into it deep enough to get the whole picture. I think this place is somewhere remote, so maybe they wanted to make sure too many people didn't show up and then sleep in their cars or something.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Live in Providence Rhode Island 10-16-01

I know there are a ton of live tapes of the Butthole Surfers out there, but I came across this one recently that I like a lot. It is from a Providence Rhode Island show at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel while promoting Weird Revolution. The sound is good, and most importantly, Gibby sings all the words, in their correct order, to I Saw An Xray of a Girl Passing Gas. My guess is that he was reading them from a piece of paper (which I saw him do once in a video). I appreciate this mostly because it's the only song that I know all the words and can sing along, mostly without fucking it up.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Moon & Moon Record Release Party

When it rains, it pours. Just two days after the Butthole Surfers return to New York and play in Brooklyn, Gibby will be part of the Moon & Moon record release at Glasslands. There is, as of yet, no actual information about this event, but mark your calendars as it will be a very busy weekend in Brooklyn.